The Art of Resting and Recovering To Avoid Burnout

March 2, 2021

“I have too much to do.” “I need to get this done on time.” “There’s no way I can stop now.”

We offer a number of excuses to avoid taking a well-needed break when our bodies (and our brains) are screaming for us to stop. How do we know this? Because you’re probably feeling exhausted, mentally drained, detached from work, and even slightly cynical about the work you’re doing. You, my friend, are on the edge of burnout. Here’s what you need to know to avoid burnout.

What Is Job Burnout?

Job burnout happens to the best of us, especially when we take on too much without allocating enough downtime to counter the level of stress. This affects our health and our job performance. So, let’s avoid burnout by taking the necessary precautions.

How Will Rest Help Me Avoid Burnout?

Balance is healthy in every lifestyle. We can’t expect to work, work, work all the time. Our brains need a break and our bodies require proper sleep to function at its best. Rest and relaxation help us to recover before we reach burnout. Basically, finding that balance between working our hardest and taking a breather is essential for avoiding burnout.

How To Take That Much-Needed Break:

There are lots of ways to take that much-needed (and deserved) break. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:


Instead of planning a trip, sorting out finances, and possibly stressing yourself more, consider taking a day or two off to stay at home. Book a massage or hit the gym. Do something that’s just for you that day and enjoy every minute of it. In other words, no thinking about work.


Have you tried yoga? Meditation, maybe? Give one of them a go. Meditation is a proven method for helping to alleviate and reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Consider meditating for ten minutes a day—that’s more than enough time to rewire your brain.

Change of Scenery

This one may be a little drastic—then again, you might need something a little drastic. If nothing is working for you, try switching around your desk or, perhaps, departments.

Prioritize Your Work

Also, complete what needs to be done ASAP. Then take a ten-minute walk. Go grab a coffee, chat with coworkers, or close your eyes for a minute. What you’re feeling is called relief.

Regain Your Inspiration

In addition, if something that usually inspires you is making you feel inconvenienced, ask yourself why? Perhaps you’re feeling that tingling edge of burnout, so do something that reinvigorates your heart and mind all over again. Rediscover that inspiration!

Find Your Reset Button

Furthermore, when you’re not acting like your bubbly self, you could be feeling sad with a loss of enthusiasm for what you used to enjoy. What energizes you? Find that thing that keeps you going on a regular basis and use it as your reset button to regain that lost energy.

In the end, there are a number of ways you can rest and recover. Find something that works for you and use it to balance your stress levels. Above all, this important act will work towards avoiding burnout so you can perform your best when it counts.

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